NFL 2013 Mock Draft rd 1

The Combine is in the bag, time to mock draft. Please give me feedback at @dartboardmousta. Lets break it down.

Chiefs – Luke Joeckel

Massive no brainer

Jags – Dion Jordan

This was Werner until Jordan had that combine. Jags are determined to make Gabbert work.

Raiders – Sharrif Floyd

Again this would be Lotulelei but for his recent health concerns. A new DT is critical to the Raiders development as they potentially loose Seymour and Bryant this year.

Eagles – Eric Fisher

Watching the competition for most penalties in a game between King Dunlap and Morris Claiborne was very entertaining last season. But the Eagles need to give Foles a chance.

Lions – DeMarcus Milliner

Lions finally do something about their secondary this year? Don’t bank on it!

Browns – Ezekiel Ansah

How can they resist this fella, some fun weapons on offence and defence, Ansah will make a big difference.

Cardinals – Matt Barkley

Thats right, I have him above Geno Smith. They kid is ready, he will be a day one starter and will be tons better than Kolb/Skelton/Lindley.

Bills – Geno Smith

When the Bills GM tells you what he’s thinking of doing in the draft, you sit up, listen, then put your house on it. With Smith available they go for it.

Jets – Bjoern Werner

Second no brainer pick, with Werner still available Ryan’s Christmas has come early. 2 DE in 2 years of first round picks though. So don’t be betting any of the houses you won on the Bills pick here.

Titans – Desmond Trufant

Titans have to work on the D. Hasselbeck/Locker will be giving them plenty to do.

Chargers – Lane Johnson

I would have Johnson go earlier but I felt no real opportunity. Lucky chargers.

Dolphins – Cordarrelle Patterson

Whether Hartline goes or stays, the wide receivers need improvement for Tannehill to improve. I could have gone tackle or running back but none are on the board. Starks will still be there at DT.

Bucs – Johnathan Banks

The missing piece? Bucs to contend this year, strong division!

Panthers – Sheldon Richardson

Its about time the Panthers dealt with the lack of DT talent on their roster.

Saints – Barkevious Mingo

Smith, Jordan and Mingo, I hope Matt Ryan likes being sacked.

Rams – Chance Warmack

With 2 1st round picks the Rams can take the best available player and improve the O-line.

Steelers – Jarvis Jones

The steelers take a punt on health

Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro

I couldn’t name you the last good Cowboys safety. Tempting to replace Romo with someone better like Tyler Bray but I will resist the urge to be silly.

Giants – Damontre Moore

Straight swap for Umenyiora. Moore drops slightly because everyone else has improved their stock, but the Giants have a potential steal.

Bears – Manti Te’o

Boom or bust here. Te’o has a year to play with and learn from Urlacher who may just bring him in line.

Bengals – Alec Ogletree

The Bengals don’t seem to mind a bit of a project, (Adam Jones, Vontaze Burfict). Grab themselves a replacement for Mauluga.

Rams – Star Lotululei

Drops because of potential health concerns but I feel the Rams have a fantastic talent here who will dominate. Wish he could drop to 25.

Vikings – Johnathan Hankins

The Vikings long for the days of the Williams’s, time to buy new names on shirts with this star.

Colts – Keenan Allen

The colts get Luck a present. Hilton looked fantastic and Reggie ‘Giggs’ Wayne continues to defy the years. But for how long?

Seahawks – DJ Fluker

So ive been incredibly biased here by not giving Fluker to the Bears or Colts. But I also am so determined that RT and OLB are bigger needs that what most mock drafters think. Rice and Tate played very hard this year and also have Baldwin in the mix. At DT they can easily resign Jones and or Branch and be a contender, ala this past season. Giacomini and Hill are more urgent priorities for replacement.

Packers – Tyler Eifert

Not too happy with Finley and no running backs this high on the board, take the best tight end.

Texans – Tavon Austin

Like the Lions finally picking a DB, is this the year that Andre Johnson gets help? I do fancy Lestar Jean to make in impact this year though. You will see me retweet this comment next year after he blows up.

Broncos – Xavier Rhodes

Like many I saw Champ Bailey get embarrassed in the playoffs. He’s still a solid starter but with such a player still available they grab a replacement.

Patriots – TRADE – Jets – EJ Manuel

I fancy the Jets to trade back in and above the Jags for a QB. Pats tend to trade so i’ve stuck it here. With Manuel they tray and replicate the system that young quarterbacks are having so much success with at the moment.

Falcons – Alex Okafor

Abrahams won’t last forever and there’s no one playing on the other side.

49ers – Terrence Williams

Moss will be gone, Manningham is very injury prone, Jenkins who?

Ravens – Kawann Short

Someone to play instead of Cody here at the end of round one.


6 thoughts on “NFL 2013 Mock Draft rd 1

  1. Why does everybody give GB a TE if findley finally leaves. GB still has others to take his place. You can not win with a few big contracts .. Look at all the very good free agents getting dumped. they’ll have to take a pay cut or retire ( a couple may get a year or two at their asking price ,,,maybe ). Look a GB they have many, many UDFA’s .. There so much talent out there that nobody’s job is that secure.. Prediction ” Flacco will not be that great”. Ta Da…just thee that in no extra price. A fifth no sixth round TE for the Bay ,,,if JF does leave, he’s smart enough to remember his dropped passes and so does the coach and GM Remember right off the hands bam bounced off the numbers .. Yeah he should take a pay cut .. My cousin TT sez big D this year and not dallas
    thanks tt

  2. I like the Cowboy pick, but then again it would be hard for me NOT to like one of their picks. As long as they go for one of the lines or the secondary, then I’m good with it.

  3. The Pack will NOT take a SIXTH tight end, especially in round 1. They like three of the 5 they already have so taking a 6th is ludicrous. Desperate needs at LT/3-4DE/Ss/ILB

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